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This eBook How To Lose Weight Through Mindfulness for Women Over Forty! is for the ladies who are looking to lose a bit of extra weight. This is a 19 page colourful and beautifully illustrated book is fully pack with information to help you achieve real and practical weight loss and management goal results.  


The book is not just about losing weight to become or look thin. It is about how you can achieve your ideal weight or dress size and feel good about yourself whilst looking after your health too through holistic practices.  Although this book is for women over the age of forty, it’s also ideal for the younger ladies who are just looking to get healthy the holistic way.  

Once you have purchased your eBook, don’t forget to enter the correct email address for the link to be sent to your inbox to download your eBook. 


The file format for this eBook is PDF. 

How To Lose Weight Through Mindfulness For Women Over 40

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