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Working with me

My style of work as a coach, is by invitation after our initial discovery call. You may be wondering, why coaching by invitation? Well, here is the Why! I prefer to work with the individuals or groups that are really yearning for a positive transformation in their life for the long term.


I choose not to coach everyone because, I am serious about helping you with your transformation; I work this way so that I can dedicate my time, expertise and energy to the clients who are truly ready to manifest the changes, they desire.   

Are you ready to take a leap of faith to manifest the transformation you desire now? 





Mental Wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing 

Future Aspirations

Awakening Dreams

Physical Wellbeing

Emotional Balance

Here are some of the concepts we will be exploring together. 

Purpose Alignment



Goal Setting






Maintain Progress

As we work together or by the end of coaching, you will ...

Gain clarity about your goals 

Discard and move past any stagnation  

Resolve challenging or negative habits

Set clear practical goals 

Mind-set transformation  

Finding your purpose & place in this world 

Build confidence 

Find inner peace  

Freedom and more 

Just like the Lotus, you have the

potential and Strength to Transform.

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